Month: August 2012

Mayan Ruins

Chichen Itza

Part of the inspiration for the book, Lizard Key, came from my travels to the Yucatan Region of Mexico many years ago. This was before the region became as large a tourist destination as it is today… before the cruise

Fish Tacos

Sheepshead Fish

Back to the waters off Catalina Island. These are Sheepshead fish. The larger black and red one is a male and the smaller red one is a female. These are one of my favorite fish to spear. They make great

Island Golf

Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course French Polynesia

When ever I travel I try to find a golf course. Some of your more remote islands don’t have the most well groomed courses but island golf combined with island cocktails can’t be beat! Sometimes the beauty of the tropical

Garibaldi Fish

Garabaldi Fish

Not only is this fish a regular site whilst diving off Catalina, it is also the official marine state fish of California. The Garibaldi is a brightly colored orange fish of the damselfish family that is native to the North-Eastern