Month: November 2015

Hunting & Fishing

Wild Boar Hunting

​I thought it might be fun to include some photos from a variety of hunting and fishing adventures to the web site. In doing so, I realize there are many people who oppose hunting. If that’s your position that’s fine,

Drinks to read (and write) by

When I sit and write it’s always important to stay well hydrated and have a good cigar. My favorite cigar is the Arturo Fuentes Hemingway Signature and as far as drinks go… anything with rum or Jack Daniels will do!

Seaplanes in Catalina

Sea Planes have been crossing from the California mainland to the Channel Islands for almost a century.  The first service was operated by Charlie Chaplin’s half-brother Syd in 1919. Operating for a couple of years, other firms moved in to operate

Sea Creatures

Octopus close encounter

Just a few photos of the creatures we share the sea with. Future web posts will have some of our smaller creatures. A close encounter of the octopus kind! This is one of my favorite creatures. They are incredibly smart

Wreck Diving

Turtle YO-257 WWII Navy fueling vessel

Wrecks offer great places to dive and they are located all over the world. As technology evolves divers are able to go to sites much deeper than in past years however those dives involve greater risk to the diver and